You may have noticed that other bar-prep providers advertise that they have 1,500 or more real, licensed questions from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). 

Quimbee has licensed all the most up-to-date questions available from the NCBE. These questions are substantively accurate and consistent with the NCBE's current editorial standards, which means they're the questions you should study to prepare for the MBE today.

That said, the NCBE does make many of its older questions available, but Quimbee has chosen not to incorporate these into your study schedule. Here's what the NCBE has to say about them:

"Older/Retired Questions

Retired questions drawn from MBEs administered many years ago are made available on this page, but examinees are advised not to use these questions as substantive preparation for the MBE. Due to changes in the law since the time the questions appeared on an exam, the questions and their keys may no longer be current. The question format may also be outdated. Because these questions are outdated, NCBE does not recommend their use but nevertheless makes them available because the questions may still be in use by commercial bar review courses under a licensing agreement with NCBE."

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