Yes! If you made the mistake of getting roped into a nonrefundable deposit with one of the "other guys," don't sweat it. 

Quimbee will credit you up to $250 toward your purchase of Quimbee Bar Review. Simply provide proof that you paid a nonrefundable deposit (confirmation email, invoice screenshot, a photo of a receipt, or a screenshot of your account page), and we'll apply that credit toward the purchase of the bar review package.

Please note: We're happy to offset any nonrefundable deposit that you may have paid to another provider with a Quimbee credit, but it's your responsibility to check any agreement you may have signed or the terms and conditions of your offer to make sure that you can cancel without further obligation. Some providers may require a contractual commitment. Please read the fine print and make sure there are no unexpected consequences for switching.

Your deposit must be nonrefundable. Refundable deposits do not qualify for this credit.

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