To post a job, simply sign up for a Quimbee Talent membership on our job board.

Quimbee Talent is offered at $199 per month, and it includes one job posting per month. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. We currently only accept payments online, so we will not be able to accept orders by mail or telephone. Job postings are automatically renewed every 30 days unless you cancel your Quimbee Talent membership.

You’ll be guided through the process of creating your employer profile page as soon as you sign up. During this process, you’ll be able to include detailed information about your organization including firm size, practice areas, etc. You will also be able to upload your company’s logo*. You may edit your employer profile page at any time once it's created.

Next, you’ll be guided through the process of creating your job listing. You’ll enter the job title, the job description, and your company’s information. In addition, you’ll be able to specify how candidates should apply, making it easy to combine Quimbee with your current applicant-tracking or recruitment system.

We strongly encourage (but don't require) that you include salary and other compensation information in your post. We do, however, require that you include whether a position is paid or unpaid.

If you have any questions about how to post a job or any of the requirements noted above, please reach out to our customer happiness team at We're always happy to help!

*Please note that your logo image must be in .png, .jpg or .gif format, and it should be at least 400 x 400 pixels. The maximum file size is 10 MB. 

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