Quimbee Outlines are à la carte items, so they're sold separately from our Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans. Each Outline is $29, and Outlines are available in subjects for 1L, 2L, and 3L students.

When you purchase Quimbee Outlines, they're immediately viewable and downloadable (as both a PDF and Word document), and you'll have access forever, even if you no longer have a subscription with us.

You also get access to our Quicklines at no extra charge. (Quicklines are shortened versions of the Outlines.)

If you're curious about what the Outline will look like before buying, you can download a sample that includes the complete table of contents and five full pages of the Outline. (When the Outline also has a Quickline, you can download a sample of the Quickline, too.)

To learn more, or check out sample Outlines, please click the "Outlines" tab in the top menu, or go here:  https://www.quimbee.com/outlines-overview

If you have a question about your purchase, please get in touch.

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