If you can't find a particular case brief using our search engine or on our Casebooks page, there are a number of possible explanations.

We may not cover your casebook. (If not, you can always request we add it.)

Quimbee's case briefs are keyed to the specific law school casebooks listed here. If you're not using a casebook, then this is probably why we don't have your case brief.

If your casebook is not listed, we may be able to cover it, and you can suggest a new casebook here.

Your case may not be a principal case in your casebook.

Quimbee only writes case briefs for principal cases in a casebook.

If we cover your casebook but don't have your brief, it's possible you're looking at a nonprincipal case. To determine whether your case is a principal case or not, please read our article on how to tell the difference between principal and nonprincipal cases.

Here are some tips on finding case briefs:

Our Casebooks are grouped by topic and then sorted alphabetically. Within a casebook, case briefs are listed alphabetically.

Here are some suggestions for getting better results when using our search feature:

  • Enter just one of the party's names. For example, Plessy or Ferguson
  • Check for typos¬†

Still think your case brief should be added?

If you're certain you're spelling the query correctly, your case is a principal case, and the case is from a casebook we cover, we'll need to brief it (and sorry we missed it!)

If this is the case, please get in touch with the following information:

1) The case brief details (i.e., party names and citation)

2) Your casebook details (i.e., name, edition, authors)

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