Yes! You may try any of our plans (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) totally free for 7 days. During your trial period, there is a 10-case brief limit. You will have full, unlimited access to all of our other Gold-level study aids (key terms, video lessons, flashcards, quizzes, outlines, professional development courses, practice exams and model answers, and downloadable guides).

If you don't want to be charged, simply cancel before your trial expires on your Settings page (here's how billing works). 

Please note that there is only one free trial and one account allowed per person.

Do I have to enter my credit card information?

Yes, you must enter a credit card to take advantage of Quimbee's free trial.

How do I start my free trial?

To get started, please go to our pricing page, and select a plan that suits your needs.

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