You may find our multiple choice quizzes here on our website, or by clicking on the Study Aids drop-down menu (as shown below). 

**Please note that you must have a subscription to our Gold Plan or purchase a bar review course to access the quizzes and exams.

Our quizzes and exams are also tied to our video lessons in our courses. (This article explains how to access courses).

Step 1:  Once you're on a specific course page on our website, along the left side, you'll see all the chapters within that course, and a link to "Take quiz" underneath a video's title. Then, at the bottom of each section, you'll also see a link to the "Final Exam."

Step 2: Once you click "Take quiz" or "Final Exam," you'll be presented with a series of practice questions and possible answers. When you arrive at the final question, provided you've answered all of the questions, you may click on the "Submit" button, and your results will appear.

Step 3:  On the left side, you'll see your quiz results, and you can click on each number to jump to that question and answer, or click the "retake the quiz" button.

On the right side, you'll see your answer, the correct answer (if different), and a brief explanation.

How to Access Quizzes in the Quimbee App

Multiple choice questions may be accessed from the Learn menu on the app:

You may also access our quizzes from courses in the mobile app as shown below:

More questions about quizzes or exams?

Please contact our customer happiness team at [email protected]. We're always happy to help further. 

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