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How to Suggest a New Case Brief

We don't actually take requests for individual case briefs. For more information, please see this article.

How to Suggest a New Casebook

If your casebook is not one of the casebooks we cover, then please suggest we add your casebook.

How to Suggest a New Course

You can find all of the courses we currently offer here. If there's one you'd like to see us create, please send your suggestion to [email protected].

How to Suggest a New Feature, Practice Exam, Quimbee Outline, etc.

If there's a new feature, new state to cover in the Quimbee Bar Review, practice exam, outline, or a completely new product you'd like to see on our website or mobile app, just shoot a note to [email protected]

How to Report an Error

If you see anything that needs fixing (like a typo or incorrect information), please get in touch with the details. The customer happiness team is always happy to help.

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