While our digital flashcards cannot be printed, they are available on the app. You may also access them using your mobile device's web browser if you're on the go.

Just like traditional printed flashcards, each of our flashcards has a front and a back. For example, here's the front of a card from our civil procedure deck.

Once you flip the card (by clicking it or pressing the space bar on your keyboard), you may rate your understanding of the card on a scale of 1 (no proficiency) to 5 (complete proficiency). Here's the back of the same card.

As you rate each flashcard, the algorithm keeps track of your proficiency score and determines when to show you that card again to help you achieve maximum proficiency.

You can reset your proficiency ratings for a flashcard deck using the link at the bottom of the proficiency indicator box, which is located to the right of all flashcards. In the app, select the three dots from the top right side of the screen and then choose Reset Proficiency.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] :smiley:

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