To receive validation code text messages from Quimbee, you must have your current cellphone number on your account. For help changing your cellphone number, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Our tech team recommends the following:

  • Please make sure that your cellphone is connected to the Internet and that you have a strong signal if you're mobile.

  • Check to see if your cellphone has all the latest system updates installed.

  • Please confirm that text messaging is enabled on your cellphone account.

  • Confirm that you're allowing your phone to roam.

  • Restart your device to re-sync with your network.

Lastly, if you've ever replied "STOP" to a text message from Quimbee, your cellphone number is blocked from receiving future messages. Unfortunately, we are unable to unblock your number for you. 

To receive future messages from Quimbee, you must reply to a past text message with "START". Please note that Quimbee uses your cellphone number only to send validation codes when requested. We will not send any marketing messages or share your cellphone number with anyone else.

If you do not have a prior message to respond to, please reach out to our customer happiness team at [email protected] We'd be happy to help.

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