We've introduced an exciting new feature on Quimbee that allows American University law students to talk to and collaborate with their classmates.

Here's how you can get started:

  1. From your Quimbee dashboard, click the red "Add your classes" link in the "Your classes" section on the left-hand side of the page (as shown below).

2. Choose a term and select each of your classes from the dialog box that appears (as shown below).

3. Once you've added all of your classes, you may click on one of the classes in the list to see who else is in your class. If you are the first Quimbee user to join a class page, you may invite some of your classmates (as shown below). Alternatively, you may also leave that class page by clicking "Leave this class."

4. You also have the option of starting a discussion with your classmates (as shown below). When a discussion or reply to a discussion is posted on your class page, you (and each Quimbee user who has joined the class page) will receive an in-app notification.

Not a law student at American University? Don't worry! We'll be adding Quimbee Class Pages for other law schools as soon as we can. Thanks so much for using Quimbee! 😃

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