You cover my casebook, but my case brief isn't listed. Why not?

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Quimbee only has case briefs for principal cases from these casebooks. (If we don't cover your casebook, you may suggest it here.)

If we have your casebook, but you can't find a case brief, it's probably because your case is not a principal case.

How do I know which cases are principal cases?

If you look in your casebook's Table of Cases (not the Table of Contents), principal cases appear in italic or bold typeface. If it's not italicized or bolded, it's a non-principal case, and we don't cover it.

Why do you only cover principal cases?

To answer this question, it's important to understand the difference between a principal case and a non-principal case.

A principal case is one the casebook editor has singled out as important and worthy of extensive treatment. Conversely, a non-principal case is not as important and is typically cited only to support some proposition or other idea. Casebooks almost always have many more non-principal cases than principal cases.

What if I found a principal case in a casebook you cover, but it's not on your site?

In this case, we missed it, and we need to add it. 😄Please get in touch at, and provide the following details:

  1. The case brief information (i.e., party names and citation)

  2. Your casebook information (i.e., name, edition, authors)