How do I suggest a new idea (casebook, course, feature, practice exam, etc.)?

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We are constantly working on adding new content and features that we hope will be helpful to you, so we'd love to hear your suggestions.

How to Suggest a New Case Brief

We don't actually take requests for new individual case briefs. For more information, please see this article.

How to Suggest a New Casebook

If your casebook is not one of the casebooks we cover, then please suggest we add your casebook. The casebooks with the greatest demand are added first.

How to Suggest a New Course

You can find all of the courses we currently offer here. If there's one you'd like to see us create, please visit our ideas portal.

How to Suggest a New Feature, Practice Exam, Quimbee Outline, etc.

If there's a new feature, a new state to cover in Quimbee Bar Review, a practice exam, an outline, or a completely new product you'd like to see on our website or mobile app, just post your suggestion on our ideas forum.

How to Report an Error

If you see anything that needs to be corrected (like a typo or incorrect information), please shoot an email over to The customer happiness team is always happy to help.