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How much does it cost to buy print materials for Quimbee Bar Review?

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For an additional $150 at checkout, the Quimbee Bar Review optional and 100% nonrefundable print package for UBE jurisdictions provides hard copies of the Quimbee Bar Review Coursebook, Quimbee MBE Outlines, Quimbee MEE Outlines, and the Quimbee MPT Workbook. Please note that the print package is included automatically with Quimbee Bar Review+ purchases.

The package for Quimbee Bar Review for California includes hard copies of the Quimbee Bar Review Coursebook for California, Quimbee Outlines, Quimbee California-specific Outlines, and the Quimbee Performance Test Workbook.

The Quimbee Bar Review for Florida print package includes hard copies of the Quimbee Florida Coursebook, Quimbee MBE Outlines, and Quimbee Florida Topics Outlines.

If you have any questions or would like to purchase this nonrefundable print package, please email us at support@quimbee.com.