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My employer covers the cost of my bar review course. How does that work with Quimbee Bar Review+?

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Congrats! It’s fantastic that your law firm or legal employer will be covering the cost of your Quimbee Bar Review+ course.

The first step is to check with your employer to find out whether they prefer to pay for your Quimbee Bar Review+ course by reimbursing you for the purchase or via direct billing. If your employer plans to reimburse you for the purchase, you’ll want to check if there are any special rules or procedures required for reimbursement.

Note: It’s best to do this before you purchase Quimbee Bar Review+, if possible, as there may be restrictions on which course you may choose. Please be sure to ask what type of documentation you’ll need.

If you need a receipt for your Quimbee Bar Review+ purchase, please shoot us a note at support@quimbee.com and we’ll send it over.

If your employer prefers to use direct billing for your Quimbee Bar Review+ course purchase, the first step is to fill out this form. We’ll reach out to the contact person you specify at your employer, provide them with a quote, process their payment, and follow up with you to activate your course.

If you have any questions about direct billing for your employer, please send an email to sales@quimbee.com, and we’ll be happy to assist.