My payment failed. Will my subscription automatically be canceled?

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In short, no.

All Quimbee users enjoy a grace period after a payment fails. Our payment processor will retry your payment method at least two additional times, and your access to Quimbee won't be interrupted until the payment fails multiple times.

Remember, you may always add a new payment method to your account by visiting your Settings page on our website and clicking the "Manage" button next to your study aid plan. You may then scroll down and click "Add payment method" and enter your card information. Please note that you cannot complete these steps from our mobile app.

Alternatively, if your payment method has a new expiration date or another information change, our payment processor will receive automatic updates from your bank so your subscription will continue automatically.

It's important to note that if your payment has failed recently or your payment information changed and you would like to cancel your subscription, you may cancel your account on your Settings page or by contacting us at