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What is a diagnostic exam task in Quimbee Bar Review+?

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A diagnostic exam task is a multiple-choice exam made up of 100+ real, NCBE-licensed questions from previous bar exams covering all the MBE subjects.

Quimbee Bar Review+ uses diagnostic exams at the beginning, middle, and end of the course to track and assess your likely performance on the bar exam.

Diagnostics are some of the most important tasks you’ll do in the Quimbee Bar Review+ course because they provide the most holistic view of your progress and proficiency at a given point in the course. By reviewing your diagnostic results along the way, you’ll always know exactly which subjects you’re already good at and which subjects require more study.

Please note that the diagnostic exams are not included in Quimbee Bar Review. They are only included in Quimbee Bar Review+.

If you have any further questions about diagnostic exams, please email us at support@quimbee.comWe're always happy to help!